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Design cooperations

In addition to our own designer jewellery, we at bastian inverun also collaborate with established, award-winning designers as well as young, up-and-coming talents here in Germany and abroad. As a result, we guarantee unique designs and a steady supply of fresh impulses. New designs are shaped out of paper and wax, drawn or visualized in programs and later implemented by trained production staff who are passionate about their job. A wide variety of different design languages combines the harmonious, balanced and creative design signature of bastian inverun. With variety, innovation and a love of detail, we rebel against the arbitrary, short-lived whims of our time

 "Creating things that make time stand still the moment they are created and that inspire us - that's our passion." Dan & Philipp Reiffert, designers for bastian inverun.

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Selected Materials

At bastian inverun, we place great value on the authenticity and uniqueness of the materials we select to make our jewellery. Lovingly handcrafted, 925/- sterling silver and 750/- gold are artfully enhanced using radiant gemstones, sparkling diamonds, shimmering cultured pearls and warm gold-plating. This is how precious, high-quality jewellery with an unmistakable character is created.


Production and craft

Creating our jewellery is an honest craft, which today is anything but a given. With great passion for detail and expertise, bastian inverun manufactures jewellery creations in Thailand. With us, there's no room for anonymous mass production.

Individual shapes and unique surface designs embody our commitment to creating jewellery that is both unique and captivating. At the same time, we're committed to only purchasing conflict-free gemstones and diamonds as well as complying with all sustainability standards.

We are "bastian inverun"

The internationally operating company "bastian" with around 15 employees is located in Bremen's prosperous Überseestadt in the historical Speicher XI. The company's surroundings are both varied and inspiring at the same time. From the design of the pieces of jewellery to customer care up to and including the planning of all marketing activities – all operations are managed from our office in the old storehouse.  

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Our passion and story

Our passion is creating unique pieces of jewellery that complement the personal style and individuality of independent women with a strong character. At the same time, the very best quality and outstanding workmanship are our greatest asset – and that for almost 50 years.

As an entirely family-run company, we have been established for decades and excel with our keen sense of trends, style and our customers' wishes. In 1974, the company was founded by a renowned jeweller in the legendary Sögestraße of the Hanseatic City of Bremen in Northern Germany. The company is currently located in the historical Speicher XI in Bremen's Überseestadt district. Every season, we inspire a growing customer base with collections that change biannually. At the same time, we are committed to serving you as a reliable and consistent business partner on all levels and to fully satisfying our customers with our products