How can I measure my ring size?

By means of our printable stencil, you can easily find out your ring size. Please click here for this.

What is a service commitment and what advantage does it get me?

The service commitment guarantees the full scope of service to you in the same way as if you make a purchase at a store. The dealer will be available for you at his branch if you have any questions. In case you make use of a warranty commitment, you can hand in your jewellery to your specialised dealer – he will then arrange for sending it in and take care of the further processing.

What does rhodium plating mean?

Rhodium plating is the process of refining a piece of silver jewellery with rhodium. It is an electroplating process, whereby the surface is completely coated with rhodium. Silver articles tend to discolour over time due to the natural reaction with the surrounding air, which is never completely free of sulfur or hydrogen sulphide. In order to prevent this process and to protect the piece of jewellery before tarnishing, silver jewellery can be provided with the protective layer during manufacture. Visually, the piece of jewellery gets a cooler, silver colour. Please note the associated surcharge.

How can I find the nearest dealer?

On the “Stores” tab, you can either search for the nearest dealer on Google maps or localise him in the search field “Dealer search” by entering the address.