Ring size advisor

Giving gifts to others and oneself is only fun if the size fits!

We therefore keep a stencil ready for you to determine the perfect ring size already prior to your purchase.

Determine the ring size with the stencil

By means of our printable stencil, you can easily find out your ring size.

  1. Print out the stencil at 100% zoom on A4 in landscape format.
  2. Check the print size by means of the specified scale.
  3. Fold the paper on the dashed line and cut along the semi-circles.
  4. You can now determine your perfect ring size. The round cutout should closely embrace the finger.

In alternative, you can also put a ring with the desired size onto the stencil. Please ensure that the circle on the inside of the ring is completely visible everywhere.

print out the stencil.


Here are a few general notes on measuring the ring size:

  • The wider the ring band, the tighter the ring feels. If you have selected a wider ring, then please order it in one ring size larger.
  • The ambient temperature affects your required ring size. Therefore, measure your finger in normal temperatures and preferably in the evening.